Increase speed, improve accuracy, promote consistency, increase profit, reduce manpower and take your business to the next level. Experience the reality of Smart Process Automation (SPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and leave your competitors behind.

Workflow Automation

Say goodbye to busy work

Many tasks that are on a project manager’s plate are recurring. Assigning weekly and monthly tasks comes around and the manager must assign them out to be fulfilled. With automated workflows, project managers can assign a task one time and set up automation. Automation is a benefit to having customizable templates.Tasks are easy to set up on a regular basis whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or every 10 days. This way, task management does not have to take a lot of time at the beginning of each week and employees know what work is in their queue.

Business Process Automation

Relieve your employees from routine manual tasks using business process automation tools. Perform a huge scope of assignments from data processing to message notifications and auto-replies.

Business Process Designer

The Visual Modeler is a tool that is included in the Business Process Designer. It allows you to create and edit templates for business processes.

Smart & Robotic Process Automations (SPA & RPA)

SPA is a customizable type of element in CRM that eliminates the need to adapt deals, leads or quotes to the company internal processes and allows you to create your own work scenarios. RPAis a form of business process that automates any business process in your company, especially if it involves several participants.

Rules and Triggers

Automate sales without writing a single line of code! CRM rules and triggers will automatically launch ad and email campaigns, create an invoice or document, and move a deal through different stages.