Customers, employees, partners, vendors and suppliers. No matter who you need to work with online and offline, bringing everyone together is simple and stress free. 


One for all and all for one 

Increase productivity within your company with our integrated designed to effectively manage teams, inter-department communication, task coordination, and boost over-all employee morale. Bitrix24 features plenty of tools for team collaboration and project management, especially for remote teams.


Invite internal and external people who work on a project, set tasks, and upload the necessary files. Workgroups help to store all data, tasks, files, and messages in one place.


Share important news and spark discussions, send appreciation badges to coworkers and create special birthday posts!

Company Knowledge Base

Gather and organize all the important info that your employees need to have access to, including rules, instructions, FAQ, etc. in one place

Company Social Network

Collaborate, chat and share posts and news in one single online workspace - think of this as a social intranet for your business.


Announcements are mandatory posts that require each person who has read it to confirm this by pressing a button