Simplify all aspects of working with customers. From communications to products, services and support Bitrix24 makes working for your customers easy and fun.


Automate your customer relations

Losing business due to miscommunication, delayed response time, and missed opportunities? Happy customers tell the world, and so do the unhappy ones. Our CRM solution puts customers at the heart of your business while giving you the space to grow and improve. When you can help them better, you can help yourself better.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Bitrix24 CRM will automatically distribute client requests among your team members, send an email to the right client, generate an invoice, or change the person responsible for a particular deal.

Document Generator

Online document creator inside CRM —Āreates any document type according to a set template (invoice, contract, shipping bill, etc.)


Visual representation of a sales process divided by stages; fully customizable with ability to create different pipelines for different sales processes.

CRM Payment and Delivery

Take orders & accept payments directly in your CRM