View, edit and create new documents as Bitrix24 docs, Google docs, MS Office Online docs, Office 365 docs or desktop docs synchronized with each employees personal drive. Integrate internal, external and company workflow through one contiguous process.


A drive of all drives

Consolidate all company files system resources into a single unified drive. Search all disparate file storage systems such as Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Dropbox and Box through your Bitrix24 site. Easily create and manage workgroups with all related Drive resources and files available in a single easy to manage group and location.

Mapped Network Drives

Work with Bitrix24 Drive files on a desktop computer or file system. Map Drive or a Drive folder as a network drive. Files will be synced automatically (two-way-synchronization).

Document Collaboration

Edit files simultaneously while collaborating. User names from the integrated online service being used to edit a document, Google Docs or MS Office Online, will be visible to others.

File Revision History

Know who and when files have been modified. Through revision history view the changes that were made on a file. Files can be restored to previous versions and are recorded automatically when accessed in the cloud.

Document Lock & Disable Links

Lock document for editing by another user. This action helps protect files from changes being made by other users who also have access to the file. Prevent employees from sharing files with outside users by disabling links.

Drive Cleanup

From full recycle bins to unused file versions switch between simple and advanced mode to view and take action on automated clean up recommendations.

Document Approval Process

Identify Drive workgroups that require an approval process such as legal documents, marketing messages, and human resource documents. use Approval Process for document approval and reduce costly errors.