Make marketing a reality in your business through easy to use automation, advertising campaigns, direct mail and analytics. Unified marketing and functionality make soliciting new or add-on business easy.


Bringing value and timeliness

Take some work off your plate by using the Bitrix24 marketing automation features. Create an email marketing campaign and use the tools to send them out on a schedule. Create custom task templates to automatically renew every week, month, or build a customized timetable. This way, marketing tasks and efforts are done more consistently and never forgotten.

Customer Segmentation

Group customers in segments based on common criteria, such as age, gender, type of purchase, etc. Create personalized ad campaigns to boost customer loyalty and grow sales.

Segment-based Sales Generator & Email Marketing

Our CRM will automatically create customer segments for you to stimulate repeat sales. Launch email marketing campaigns to inform your customers of upcoming sales or new arrivals.

Advertising Automation Rules

Launch ads automatically for the leads that get added to your CRM. You can have them launched automatically, or when a deal is moved to a certain stage, or depending on the client's actions (e.g., after submitting a form on your website).

Retargeting in Ad Networks

Ability to run a retargeting campaign based on contact information stored inside CRM.