Who, what, where and when - all the things you need to know to successfully complete any project. Easy to use and available to all internal and external project members.

Tasks and Projects

Internal and external simplified

Productivity is utilized both in individual tasks and projects. Managers can assign work as individual tasks, larger projects broken up into smaller tasks, or set up a project in Bitrix24 that everyone collaborates on. Task management is easier when managers can customize the way it is assigned. Email to task capabilities make turning an email into a task easier, so client requests or team ideas are never forgotten.

Tasks & Task Automation

Manage projects, delegate and set tasks. Stay updated on each task & project and never miss a deadline with the help of Bitrix24.Enable automation rules and triggers inside tasks.


Task Modes

Navigate Tasks & Projects using different views: Deadline, Planner, Kanban board, Gantt chart or Calendar. Choose what works best for your team, depending on your chosen project management methodology.

Project Management

Invite internal and external people who work on a project, set tasks, and upload the necessary files. Workgroups help to store all data, tasks, files, and messages in one place.

Autofocus Mode

If you have to deal with a lot of tasks, enable the autofocus mode to let the system filter them automatically for you.