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"Although we live in an information technology age,
we often find ourselves in failure to communicate situations."

-Johnny Tan

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If you are looking to take advantage of VoIP with your business, integrated VoIP trunking with Bitrix24 is what you need. Unlike other VoIP solutions, Bitrix24 works seamlessly with your internal PBX system and as a contact center for inbound and outbound calls.


Your business your choice

Connect with the world using VoIP infrastructure. Deploy new voice services and SIP trunks in minutes. Instantly scale globally with unlimited capacity. Access local and country-specific toll-free phone numbers to expand your business all over the world. Expand your voice communications with seamless incoming and outgoing calls directly with Bitrix24

Local Number Origination

One of the largest combined on-net & off-net local DID footprint with 13,000 + rate centers. Our robust carrier-grade transport network provides crystal clear inbound call routing to your local DIDs.

Toll-Free Number Origination

VoIP and PSTN Toll Free inbound Origination in the US48, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

International Number Origination

International DIDs (local numbers) in over 60 countries. Activation is quick and easy. Most of the International numbers come with 2 channels (or Concurrent Call Paths) and unlimited incoming minutes.

Domestic Outbound Call Termination

With an extensive carrier network, you can make outbound calls to anywhere in the US48, Hawaii, and Canada for a low flat rate. Whether you are calling the neighbor next door or calling a client in Canada you always know what you’re paying.

International “A-Z” Call Termination

Call just about anywhere on the planet using our A-Z call termination services. Take advantage of premium routes though the world’s top backbone providers at very competitive prices.

Channelized “virtual PRI” Services

Unlimited inbound service with no restrictions. Add one or more virtual PRI’s to your voice network. Quickly add the number of channels you want (minimum: 2). Add, remove and upgrade PRI channels at any time.

Managed phone numbers integrated with VoIP services provides seamless consolidation of communications channels. Collect incoming calls and messages in a single place. Coordinate with Bitrix24 to improve your quality control, automation, call analytics and professional campaigns.



Consolidate your business SMS platform to process messages directly to and from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Integrate text messaging for consolidated person to person messaging and seamless customer SMS interaction.

SMS Enabled Sales

Complete the sale of products and services in minutes. Send your customer an SMS message with a link to a payment page. Your customer simply follows the link to pay the order.


Quickly and proactively communicate with customers about their account, purchases, and activities. Empower employees and business resources with quick and easy personal sms communication.

Mass Alerts

Reach all your internal and external contacts with critical time-sensitive messages. Organize and group key people in an effort to let them be the first to know.

Marketing Messages

Allow customers and employees to communicate with your business in the manner they desire. Engage with targeted offers and connect through the channels customers prefer.


Build customer relationships through personalized SMS communication. Allow customers to opt-in to a secure, cross-channel conversations as individuals or with multiple parties through Bitrix24.


Deliver one-time passwords for user verification. Consolidate multi-factor authentication driven apps and devices with easy to manage SMS integration and flexibility.

Choose a managed PBX and focus on running your business. Set it and forget it, and let your PBX system be managed by experts, including security patches, version upgrades, firewall rules, nightly backups all while running your system on a tier one cloud provider network.


Bringing it all together with PBX

Experience the power of a PBX phone system working in coordination with your Bitrix24 Business Management and CRM platform. Launch calls straight from your CRM, automatically bring up customer records in pop ups, and log all customer calls as call records in your CRM.

Contact Synchronization

Trigger a CRM contact lookup to add to 3CX contacts when receiving calls from an external phone number, so the caller’s name displays automatically on your phone when receiving a call.

Call Pop-ups

Incoming calls routed to user automatically pop-up customer records when receiving inbound calls using a web client.

Call Journals

Enable call journals through the PBX system to log and track CRM call records. View call statistics to analyze all calls in Bitrix24 and run reports on total number of calls per group.

Chat Journals

Enable chat journals through the PBX system. View chat statistics to evaluate the most popular open channels with your customers, you employees, their effectiveness, average reply time, satisfaction and more.

Create New Contact

Automatically create a new contact when a call is received from and unknown number. Store and unlimited number contacts, and associate important information including files with the newly created contacts in Bitrix24.

Click to Call

Launch calls directly from the Bitirx24 CRM via your PBX system using a webhook to relay the outbound phone number ot your PBX.

Managed phone numbers integrated with VoIP services provides seamless consolidation of communications channels. Collect incoming calls and messages in a single place. Coordinate with Bitrix24 to improve your quality control, automation, call analytics and professional campaigns.

Phone Numbers

Your digits your way

Bring your most important voice assets under your control and take your business phone numbers to the next level. Acquire new phone numbers for meaningful Bitrix24 automation. marketing, communication or bring your numbers with you through number portability.

CNAM Inbound

Get Caller ID with Name on all inbound calls to any DID provisioned. “Per DIP/query” pricing available as well as low flat-rate service.

CNAM Outbound (aka LIDB)

Have your company name published in the CNAM database so when a call is made from your business, your information is displayed to the other party.

411 Directory Assistance

Get help when needed. Nationwide 411 Directory Assistance available on any of your phone numbers. Get your business listed in the 411 database. Not available in all areas, some restrictions apply.

Vanity Toll Free

Search for available phone numbers and separate yourself from the crowd with a Vanity Toll Free number. Help customers remember your toll free number with a catchy phrase.

Local Number Portability

Keep your existing local or Toll free phone number by porting it to our carrier network. Manage your number portability process through our LNP group. Bulk discounts may be available on an individual case basis.

Enhanced 911

Comprehensive Enhanced 911 service is for all US-based local numbers and basic 911 service for Canadian numbers*. VoIP e911 FCC compliant calls are routed to the nearest public safety access point instantly saving precious moments.