Choose a managed PBX and focus on running your business. Set it and forget it, and let your PBX system be managed by experts, including security patches, version upgrades, firewall rules, nightly backups all while running your system on a tier one cloud provider network.


Bringing it all together with Private Branch eXchange

Experience the power of a PBX phone system working in coordination with your Bitrix24 Business Management and CRM platform. Launch calls straight from your CRM, automatically bring up customer records in pop ups, and log all customer calls as call records in your CRM. 

Contact Synchronization

Trigger a CRM contact lookup to add to 3CX contacts when receiving calls from an external phone number, so the caller’s name displays automatically on your phone when receiving a call.

Call Pop-ups

Incoming calls routed to user automatically pop-up customer records when receiving inbound calls using a web client.

Call Journals

Enable call journals through the PBX system to log and track CRM call records. View call statistics to analyze all calls in Bitrix24 and run reports on total number of calls per group.

Chat Journals

Enable chat journals through the PBX system. View chat statistics to evaluate the most popular open channels with your customers, you employees, their effectiveness, average reply time, satisfaction and more.

Create New Contact

Automatically create a new contact when a call is received from and unknown number. Store and unlimited number contacts, and associate important information including files with the newly created contacts in Bitrix24.

Click to Call

Launch calls directly from the Bitirx24 CRM via your PBX system using a webhook to relay the outbound phone number ot your PBX.