Quickly send information pages, payment pages and CRM web forms to customers with SMS. With Bitrix24 enable customers with the ability to purchase a product or service immediately through SMS.

Short Message Service

Quick connect via SMS 

Consolidate your business SMS platform to process messages directly to and from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Integrate text messaging for consolidated person to person messaging and seamless customer SMS interaction. 

SMS Enabled Sales

Complete the sale of products and services in minutes. Send your customer an SMS message with a link to a payment page. Your customer simply follows the link to pay the order.


Quickly and proactively communicate with customers about their account, purchases, and activities. Empower employees and business resources with quick and easy personal sms communication.

Mass Alerts

Reach all your internal and external contacts with critical time-sensitive messages. Organize and group key people in an effort to let them be the first to know.

Marketing Messages

Allow customers and employees to communicate with your business in the manner they desire. Engage with targeted offers and connect through the channels customers prefer.


Build customer relationships through personalized SMS communication. Allow customers to opt-in to a secure, cross-channel conversations as individuals or with multiple parties through Bitrix24.


Deliver one-time passwords for user verification. Consolidate multi-factor authentication driven apps and devices with easy to manage SMS integration and flexibility.