Introduction to CRM


“One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.”

– Jim Rohn

Multichannel CRM

Manage leads, engage with clients, and close deals

Bitrix24 email marketing includes a CRM system, integrations with all major social media platforms and messengers, a website builder, and so much more.

Omni-channel marketing

Reach clients through social media, email, phone calls, SMS, push notifications, or messengers

Email marketing

Run segment-based email marketing campaigns from your CRM software and track their results.

Online ads

Create retargeting campaigns based on contact information stored inside CRM. For example, launch Facebook ads directly from our online CRM tool.

Sales analytics

Track your marketing costs and calculate ROI to see which channels deliver the best results.

Collaboration Activity Stream

Can we focus our marketing on a single destination?

Our online email marketing platform does not connect to our CRM. We manage online advertising on different websites. Our reporting takes hours to compile into a meaningful marketing report so we can make good decisions. We are unable to evaluate correlations from phone calls and messaging.

Describe a Need
Lead management

The lead management system helps you generate leads and process them efficiently

Lead generation

Acquire leads via web forms and have them added to your online CRM system.

Online Marketing

Run marketing campaigns inside your CRM tool - email marketing, ad targeting, and more.

Business automation

Use our business process automation tools to streamline your workflows and sales funnels.

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Why do opportunities fall through the cracks?

Our business regularly generates new customer leads through phone calls, emails, text messages, social media, and word-of-mouth. However, we need help to maintain a consistent and effective cohesive system for managing new opportunities and getting information to people quickly and efficiently.

Describe a Need
Sales Management

Manage your sales teams remotely, track work time, assign tasks, and control deadlines

Real-time sales management

See the deals/clients your sales reps are working on and follow their progress.

Online communication

Use chats to discuss work-related issues, and set up video calls with your team and clients.

Online collaboration

Leverage built-in task and project management tools to manage your sales team and track their performance.

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How do we adjust resources based on sales?

We need 4-6 weeks lead time to ensure adequate materials and labor are available to fulfill specialty projects. If we get quality reporting from our sales team, we can efficiently acquire necessary goods and services on time and within budget. We need better communication with sales and manufacturing.

Describe a Need
Customer Management

Capture leads via CRM website templates, forms, live chats, phone calls, or social media

From a lead to a customer

Manage current and potential leads in a single environment covering the whole sales funnel.

Rules and triggers

Move deals down the sales pipeline automatically using customizable rules and triggers.

Custom pipelines

Set up your custom sales pipeline with stages specific to your business.

Collaboration Activity Stream

How can we increase sales with limited resources?

We need more salespeople to sell our goods and services in a limited time, or we need to increase our efficiency for the sales team we have. Our sales team has an excellent process, but it takes too much time to move information through the steps required to ensure we adhere to our checks and balances.

Describe a Need
Client Communication

Bring communication channels into a Contact Center and easily track customer interactions

Integrated with everything

Connect your Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp accounts to communicate with your clients.

Live chat

Provide instant support and customer service to your visitors. For example, if it’s a returning customer, the system will recognize them.


Bitrix24 features VoIP telephony with integrated click-to-call, automated call recording, logging, and analytics.

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How do we manage different forms of communication?

Our customers want to communicate online, with a cell phone, chat service, and social media, but we need to accommodate so many methods of communication. We need a way to organize all our customer communications to allow us to meet their needs but not hurt our productivity.

Describe a Need
Inventory Management

Manage your stock, warehouses, and sales right inside your CRM

Manage stock and inventory

From the moment an order is created, manage stock adjustments, order management, and warehouse transfers with omnichannel sales support.

Complete CRM integration

All sales data is synced with your inventory in real-time to ensure you’re never out of stock.

Mobile ready

Scan barcodes via the Bitrix24 mobile app and make inventory adjustments without a PC.

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How do we connect our customers to our inventory?

Our online store does not match the inventory in our warehouses. As a result, we cannot anticipate an adequate amount of time when we place a reorder to stock the shelves. In addition, our field salespeople use a different inventory process than our in-store employees, and our options are limited.

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