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Decrease reliability on fumbling through old email messages to find information. Improve response time and accuracy by leveraging automation, and easy to access company resources.


Reduce your reliance on email

Bring your own email. Connect as many email accounts as needed to organize your email information. Email setup is quick and easy when using Bitrix24 webmail tools to connect your Gmail, Outlook and IMAP accounts. Take things to the next level with email automation rules, templates and delegation of emails to CRM, Tasks and Activity Streams.


Access multiple email account in a single interface when using Bitrix24 to process email accounts. Enjoy single sign on with access to Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo through one platform.

Spam, Phishing and Malware

Leverage cloud email accounts and expertise with reliable and hands free protection of incoming and outgoing email against spam, malware, and known threats.


Setup advance email gateway routes to streamline and adjust email communication between customers, vendors and employees. Instantly scale and manage the distribution of email throughout your organization.

Compliance & Retention

Establish and enforce internal requirements for incoming and outgoing email messages. Append legal disclaimers in email footers. Require content and attachment compliance. Enable secure transport and retain all email exchanges with information governance.

Gateway Rules

Apply company policies to email communications such as scanning for spoofed messages, delivery of unauthenticated emails, phishing through links, images, attachments and the ability to restrict untrusted scripts from running.


Take advantage of large scale email systems such as Google, Microsoft, iCloud and Yahoo to manage the requirements of maintaining a high availability network and email system. Experience 99.9 percent reliability.

Aggregate all calendars into a single interactive source through Bitrix24 calendars. Blend your professional work life and your personal life into a unified single source of scheduling truth. Bring it all together and enjoy the experience of separating work from play.


Single view for all calendars

Bring a variety of disparate calendars together in a single view. With Bitrix24 calendar create a single view for all scheduling resources no matter what the calendar source. Experience the simplicity of two way synchronization of your Google, Outlook, iPhone, Android, Mac OSX and any CalDav external calendar. Once consolidated enjoy the benefits of fully integrated calendar with your business management and CRM system.

Synchronize Google Calendar

Connect your Google Calendar to Bitrix24. All events in your Google calendar with be mirrored in Google and vice versa.

Connect MS Outlook

Synchronize your MS Outlook calendar with Bitrix24. All calendar events will be available through both systems. Outlook 2010 or higher version is required.

Internal and External Calendars delegation

Create company, team, and workgroup calendars and quickly and easily delegate access and management permissions to the appropriate people. Simple, easy and fast.

QR Code Sync with Android

Select calendar to synchronize, point and scan your Android phone and you are done. All current events will be synced across both calendars.

QR Code Sync with iPhone

All your meetings and calendar events in one place, synchronize your Bitrix24 calendar with your iPhone calendar. As simple as select calendar to sync and scan QR code from your phone.

Quick Actions in Calendar

Instantly create a chat, video call, post to feed, or create a task from an individual or group calendar. All participants are notified in a single action.

View, edit and create new documents as Bitrix24 docs, Google docs, MS Office Online docs, Office 365 docs or desktop docs synchronized with each employees personal drive. Integrate internal, external and company workflow through one contiguous process.

Company Drive

A drive of all drives

Consolidate all company files system resources into a single unified drive. Search all disparate file storage systems such as Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Dropbox and Box through your Bitrix24 site. Easily create and manage workgroups with all related Drive resources and files available in a single easy to manage group and location.

Mapped Network Drives

Work with Bitrix24 Drive files on a desktop computer or file system. Map Drive or a Drive folder as a network drive. Files will be synced automatically (two-way-synchronization).

Document Collaboration

Edit files simultaneously while collaborating. User names from the integrated online service being used to edit a document, Google Docs or MS Office Online, will be visible to others.

File Revision History

Know who and when files have been modified. Through revision history view the changes that were made on a file. Files can be restored to previous versions and are recorded automatically when accessed in the cloud.

Document Lock & Disable Links

Lock document for editing by another user. This action helps protect files from changes being made by other users who also have access to the file. Prevent employees from sharing files with outside users by disabling links.

Drive Cleanup

From full recycle bins to unused file versions switch between simple and advanced mode to view and take action on automated clean up recommendations.

Document Approval Process

Identify Drive workgroups that require an approval process such as legal documents, marketing messages, and human resource documents. use Approval Process for document approval and reduce costly errors.

Enjoy knowing Bitrix24 is accessed exclusively through an SSL connection from authorization to exchanging company files ensure your data is safe. Increase your security potential as the user level using Two Step Authorization to deny access even if your password is stolen.


Seven layers of security

Hosted Bitrix24 uses Amazon Web Services to host data in the US (Virginia) AWS maintains the following certifications: HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3, Directive 95/46/EC and PCI DSS Level 1. On-premise editions can be hosted in any environment from your own servers to Azure, AWS or GCP.

Operating System

The Bitrix24 web server is behind a firewall where all ports are closed with the exception of those which are used for system purposes. Technical access to the server is carried out exclusively through Bitrix subnets.

Data Storage

All data centers used by Bitrix24 are protected in compliance with SAS 70 Type II (which includes access to the physical storage media based on biometric data and maximum protection against intrusion) and conform to the Safe Harbor standard.

Data Isolation

User data (data of each company/client) is separated at the database and cloud storage levels. The data of different companies is isolated in such a way that there is no possibility of receiving access to access of another user by accident.

Web Server

A specialized server environment which does not allow write access to the local file system is used along with a customized PHP module which ensures isolation among users and security of user data.

Browser Level

Authentication data sent by a client machine can be encrypted using JavaScript and RSA key. Additionally, OTP (one-time password) technology can be engaged in conjunction with an eToken.

Application Layer

Bitrix24 proactive protection blocks 100% of web attacks attempting to use application vulnerabilities. Malicious users do not have any opportunity to load malicious code via PHP. The web application conforms to WAFEC 1.0 standards. Access to Bitrix24 is provided to users (companies) in complete isolation from other users with passwords encrypted via double md5.

Company Structure in Bitrix24 contains blocks that represent departments. Blocks display the name of the department, the name of the head and a list of employees. View employee overflow through a full list of employees.

User Administration

Simplified User Management

Create a visual representation of your company in minutes. Provide an easy and convenient hierarchy for large and small companies and enable Bitrix24 tools to start working for you. For example, work reports are always sent to the immediate supervisor that is selected in Company Structure.

Invite New Users

Administrators can invite new users unless designated otherwise. Invitations can be sent via link, email, phone number, and bulk invites. Internal and external users can be invited to departments and/or workgroups.

Company Structure

Quickly create and organize your company structure with an easy to use visual hierarchy. Each block displays the name of the department, the name of the head of the department and the list of employees.


Users set as department headwill have extended access permissions to the account. For example, such users will be able to seesubordinate's tasks, work reports

Head of Department

Users set as department headwill have extended access permissions to the account. For example, such users will be able to seesubordinate's tasks, work reports.

Employee or User

All new invited users are granted the "employee" position, and placed in the upper department by default. Easily drag & drop users to departments within the Company Structure.

Extranet User

Users invited to Extranet workgroups have limited access to your account. Extranet users are not considered as account employees and are not shown under Company Structure.