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Simplify all aspects of working with customers. From communications to products, services and support Bitrix24 makes working for your customers easy and fun.


Automate your customer relations

Losing business due to miscommunication, delayed response time, and missed opportunities? Happy customers tell the world, and so do the unhappy ones. Our CRM solution puts customers at the heart of your business while giving you the space to grow and improve. When you can help them better, you can help yourself better.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Bitrix24 CRM will automatically distribute client requests among your team members, send an email to the right client, generate an invoice, or change the person responsible for a particular deal.

Document Generator

Online document creator inside CRM сreates any document type according to a set template (invoice, contract, shipping bill, etc.)


Visual representation of a sales process divided by stages; fully customizable with ability to create different pipelines for different sales processes.

CRM Payment and Delivery

Take orders & accept payments directly in your CRM

No more fumbling through emails, phone numbers and messages to find contact information. One place with everything you need to know.

Contact Center

Single source any channel

Having a reliable CRM to use is something companies rely on to help their sales department succeed. There are many features to Bitrix24 that help companies increase communication, track progress more efficiently, and work as a more cohesive company. Our platform helps provide companies with CRM tools, calendars, email, social networks, and more.


Our omni-channel contact center allows you to connect multiple communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Apple Business Chat)

Callback Widget & Live Chat

Create live chat and website call back request forms that are automatically integrated with the Bitrix24 contact center

Contact Forms

Create website contact forms that are automatically integrated with Bitrix24's contact center

CRM Integration

CRM Integration processes incoming requests in CRM, use contacts to grow your sales.

Single source for all contact communications. Voice, video, chat, email, messaging, conferences, meetings and more in one place bring cool back to having a conversation.


One place one voice

Communication within a company is key to working as a team. With Bitrix24, there are many channels of communication available to keep everyone on track and informed. From live chats and comment boxes in tasks to built-in telephony services for web calls, there is no reason that team members should not be communicating with each other. If you are looking for multichannel communications with customers, we have just as many options for that too.

HD Video Calls & Conferencing

Works easier & faster than Zoom or Skype + no time limit (Screen sharing, Audio/video recording, Background blur, Encryption). Make 1-to-1 calls orcreate an online meeting, invite up to 48 participants and talk as much as you need. Calls have no time limit.

Built-in Telephony and SMS

PBX functionality and integration. Call routing, transfer, extensions, workhour settings, voicemail and greetings, call distribution, call forwarding, call intercept, match number routing, intercept, auto dialer, IVR, call recording, queue groups, transcription and more.


Chat, audio and video calls are available in all Bitrix24 plans.


Access all your email inboxes in one convenient place and create tasks from emails. Create deals, tasks and discussions directly from email.

Make marketing a reality in your business through easy to use automation, advertising campaigns, direct mail and analytics. Unified marketing and functionality make soliciting new or add-on business easy.


Bringing value and timeliness

Take some work off your plate by using the Bitrix24 marketing automation features. Create an email marketing campaign and use the tools to send them out on a schedule. Create custom task templates to automatically renew every week, month, or build a customized timetable. This way, marketing tasks and efforts are done more consistently and never forgotten.

Customer Segmentation

Group customers in segments based on common criteria, such as age, gender, type of purchase, etc. Create personalized ad campaigns to boost customer loyalty and grow sales.

Segment-based Sales Generator & Email Marketing

Our CRM will automatically create customer segments for you to stimulate repeat sales. Launch email marketing campaigns to inform your customers of upcoming sales or new arrivals.

Advertising Automation Rules

Launch ads automatically for the leads that get added to your CRM. You can have them launched automatically, or when a deal is moved to a certain stage, or depending on the client's actions (e.g., after submitting a form on your website).

Retargeting in Ad Networks

Ability to run a retargeting campaign based on contact information stored inside CRM.

Customers, employees, partners, vendors and suppliers. No matter who you need to work with online and offline, bringing everyone together is simple and stress-free.


One for all and all for one

Increase productivity within your company with our integrated designed to effectively manage teams, inter-department communication, task coordination, and boost over-all employee morale. Bitrix24 features plenty of tools for team collaboration and project management, especially for remote teams.


Invite internal and external people who work on a project, set tasks, and upload the necessary files. Workgroups help to store all data, tasks, files, and messages in one place.

Feed & Announcements

Share important news, mandatory announcement posts, and spark discussions. Send appreciation badges to coworkers and create special birthday posts!

Company Knowledge Base

Gather and organize all the important info that your employees need to have access to, including rules, instructions, FAQ, etc. in one place

Company Social Network

Collaborate, chat and share posts and news in one single online workspace - think of this as a social intranet for your business.

Who, what, where and when - all the things you need to know to successfully complete any project. Easy to use and available to all internal and external project members.

Tasks and Projects

Internal and external simplified

Productivity is utilized both in individual tasks and projects. Managers can assign work as individual tasks, larger projects broken up into smaller tasks, or set up a project in Bitrix24 that everyone collaborates on. Task management is easier when managers can customize the way it is assigned. Email to task capabilities make turning an email into a task easier, so client requests or team ideas are never forgotten.

Tasks & Task Automation

Manage projects, delegate and set tasks. Stay updated on each task & project and never miss a deadline with the help of Bitrix24.Enable automation rules and triggers inside tasks.


Task Modes

Navigate Tasks & Projects using different views: Deadline, Planner, Kanban board, Gantt chart or Calendar. Choose what works best for your team, depending on your chosen project management methodology.

Project Management

Invite internal and external people who work on a project, set tasks, and upload the necessary files. Workgroups help to store all data, tasks, files, and messages in one place.

Autofocus Mode

If you have to deal with a lot of tasks, enable the autofocus mode to let the system filter them automatically for you.

Move to the next level of cloud drive storage. Associate all files with specific projects, work groups, contacts and companies. From your desktop to your mobile device you are only a few clicks away from exactly what you need and when you need it.


File storage with context

Keep all your company files together in one location. With customizable access permissions, your company can be more organized. Label all your files and find what you need faster with the digital search. With the cloud storage option of Bitrix24, you can access these files from any location, even in client meetings. Another benefit of file sharing and storage is that you can cut down on paper costs and filing space. Companies can also provide limited access to clients to share specific files too, creating less inbox clutter and streamlining some processes.

Personal, Workgroup, and Project Drives

Online storage allocated for individual user or group files. Use company cloud storage to keep your files easily accessible, safe, and secure.Use a separate cloud storage to store files related to a certain workgroup or project.

File Synchronization

Files stored in Bitrix24 cloud accounts can be easily synched with local computers automatically. Sync with Windows Drive, Mac OS Drive, One Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Office Integration

Documents preview, online documents preview and edit, Google Docs and Office 365 Integration. Support all popular file formats: docx, pptx, xls, ppt.

File Collaboration

You and your team can store important documents, edit them online together, and quickly share them not only across your team but also with external users.

Next Generation website are here. Quickly build beautiful customer-facing websites with public and private access, seamlessly integrated into every part of your business. Desktop and mobile friendly, powerful and truly satisfying.

Website Builder

Connecting all your needs

Use our intuitive, block-based site builder to create beautiful landing pages or online stores that are fully integrated with Bitrix24 CRM and online marketing tools. Creating websites and landing pages has never been easier. Spend less than 30 minutes tweaking a template to match your stylistic and marketing needs, and it’s done!

Easy Visual Website Builder

Create stunning websites that sell in just a few clicks using Bitrix24's convenient website builder. Use ready templatesfor sales teams, marketing teams, HR and recruitment websites, and more!

Responsive Design

Responsive website design for different devices, including mobiles/ tablets/ PCs. Site templates, superblocks, integrated form designer, image editor and dynamic blocks.

Website Widget

Add a chat widget or website form to your website. All your leads' contact details will automatically be added to your CRM.

Automatic Customer Journey Tracking

Track each client's customer journey (like ad clicks and page visits) prior to making a purchase or leaving their contact details.

Catalog a complete inventory of all products and services your company offers. Enhance your experience by assembling quotes, invoices and online shopping in minutes. Improve accuracy and timeliness with real-time pricing and availability.

Online Store

Buy, quote and sell

As easy as sites, creating an online store from start to finish is made fast and simple. Design and launch your shop, get your first customers and orders - all within a day! All orders and customers (along with their contact details) are automatically added to your CRM, your personal order management system complete with inventory management tools.

Checkout Scripts

Give your clients a chance to choose what they prefer: they can place the order themselves or leave their phone number and wait for a sales rep to get back to them.

Order Automation

Leave the routine stuff to automation rules, while you spend more time on working with clients and boosting sales.

Self-service Payments

Add a chat widget or website form to your website that integrates with all the most popular payment processing providers. All your leads' contact details will automatically be added to your CRM.

Client Communication History

View the entire history of each Lead, Deal, Contact or Company - including their orders, chat history, files, and call recordings. Tailor your sales approach based on this data.

Increase speed, improve accuracy, promote consistency, increase profit, reduce manpower and take your business to the next level. Experience the reality of Smart Process Automation (SPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and leave your competitors behind.

Workflow Automation

Say goodbye to busy work

Many tasks that are on a project manager’s plate are recurring. Assigning weekly and monthly tasks comes around and the manager must assign them out to be fulfilled. With automated workflows, project managers can assign a task one time and set up automation. Automation is a benefit to having customizable templates.Tasks are easy to set up on a regular basis whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or every 10 days. This way, task management does not have to take a lot of time at the beginning of each week and employees know what work is in their queue.

Business Process Automation

Relieve your employees from routine manual tasks using business process automation tools. Perform a huge scope of assignments from data processing to message notifications and auto-replies.

Business Process Designer

The Visual Modeler is a tool that is included in the Business Process Designer. It allows you to create and edit templates for business processes.

Smart & Robotic Process Automations (SPA & RPA)

SPA is a customizable type of element in CRM that eliminates the need to adapt deals, leads or quotes to the company internal processes and allows you to create your own work scenarios. RPAis a form of business process that automates any business process in your company, especially if it involves several participants.

Rules and Triggers

Automate sales without writing a single line of code! CRM rules and triggers will automatically launch ad and email campaigns, create an invoice or document, and move a deal through different stages.

Efficiently on-board and offload HR processes, requirements and communications. Focus on motivating employees, working hard, having fun and building a well-run organization with the ability to maximize the potential of your people.

Human Resources

Being in the know is motivating

Are your employees effective but dissatisfied? Or do you manage to provide a pleasurable work experience but still fall short on productivity? Whether you need to engage, measure, or reward, Bitrix24 makes the HR process simple and transparent. It is the only tool you need for increasing productivity, nurturing leaders, and building a healthy, value-driven company culture.

Work Reports

Enable mandatory regular work reports (daily, weekly, monthly) – the reports are sent from subordinates to their supervisors.

Absence Management

Manage various absence types (annual vacation, sick days, etc.) inside Bitrix24.

Employee Directory & Profile Pages

Searchable list of all employees, past and present, positions, skills and other relevant data.Each profile page contains their contact details as well as appreciation badges that were posted in the feed.

Worktime tracking 2.0

Track employee worktime, including mandatory workday minimums, clock-ins and clock-outs.

From users to automation no matter how complicated the need, put yourself at the helm of the most powerful business platform available in the marketplace today. All the resources to grow your business and be in the know through a single easy to use interface.


Simple, powerful and easy

Harness the full management powers of our platform with advanced administrative tools designed to keep employees and collaborators right where they belong. Bitrix24 account administrators have extended rights to manage other account users, access account settings andhidden information, and gets system email notifications (subscription prolongation, webinars, promotional emails, and more!).

Access rights to CRM, Drive, and more...

Complete control: manage access rights, add/remove/edit data.

Access rights in Tasks and Projects

Complete control: manage access rights, add/remove/edit data.


Full user session encryption, user data encryption, two factor authorization (OTP), user data protection from deletion, automatic disconnection of dismissed employees form all tools and resources.

Authorization History & Backup Restore

Contains the list of all the users who logged into your Bitrix24 account. Request helpdesk to fully restore account from a backup file.

This is what project management chaos looks like: tasks are set and discussed in via three different messengers, documents are shared via email, communication is done via social media.

Bringing order and clarity to project management is the Bitrix24 mobile app. With its help, you can create and assign tasks in just a few taps. Set deadlines, monitor project progress, share files, make video calls, and get work reports - all within a single ecosystem.



Bitrix24 mobile app is an integral part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem. It comes in super handy when you're on the go or have to work from home. Set tasks, make video calls, use chats, post comments, and do so much more with our mobile app.


Within seconds be on a video call, phone call, messaging, chat or team conversation with any group or member or your organization. Manage notifications and teams conversations with simplicity.


A complete library of all employees or team members within your organization. Know if your colleague is available, online or offline in an with a quick glance.


Remotely manage all time keeping. Clock in and clock out from job to job or during breaks and lunch. Real time management of time keeping, tracking customer time and straight to invoice.


All the actions you can perform in the web version can be done using your mobile device. Create tasks, control progress on, manage status and view files associated on the task.


Bitrix24 Mobile app allows to view documents and images. Everything, that you have access to on your Bitrix24 account - files stored on your Bitrix24.Drive, public files on Company drive, your workgroups files, etc.


Synchronize your phone calendar and Bitrix24 calendar. Use calendar to view your schedule, appointments, meetings and events. Accept or decline invitations, create new events and invites others right from your mobile device.


Work with key CRM elements from your mobile phone such as activities, contacts, companies, deals, invoices, quotes and leads. Create new lead or change deal status anytime from anywhere. Direct scan business cards using your phone camera into a new lead or contact.


Enjoy workplace telephony from you mobile app. Call your colleague or client with a view of all their information in one click. Manage and redirect calls to different employees and forward calls to responsible parties.


Easy to access internal and external workgroups resources including activity stream, posts, tasks, files and drive at your finger tips any where and any time.